Our Tipis

Our Tipis

Our event tipis are Stratus 72 tipis, also known as a Kata tipi or Giant hat. The stratus 72 is based on a traditional Scandinavian design. Due to their unique interlocking features, the kata tipis make stunning intimate venues for a small wedding party or can be joined together to create larger scale structures to cater for the largest of wedding parties. The structures are built to withstand harsh weathers. With strong sustainable timbers and waterproof fabrics, we can cater for all events in all seasons. So… whether you want to create a summer celebration with the sides up, or you fancy a winter wonderland with an open fire pit, indoors heaters and warm blankets then the tents can accommodate all ideas, seasons and tastes!

How many do I need?

The tipis can be set out however you like! Whether you want a dance floor and bar area or want the whole space for seating. It’s really up to you. We can work together to design a plan that best suits you and your guests.

As a basic guide we recommend the following maximum numbers per tent.

1 x Stratus tipi   – can seat up to 64 guests
2 x Stratus tipis – can seat up to 120 guests
3 x Stratus tipis – can seat up to 160 guests
4 x Stratus tipis – can seat up to 200 guests

Where can I get married?

Tipis are a great addition to a traditional wedding venue as an outside chill out space or can provide the whole wedding venue in a woodland, field or garden!! The Totem team are always on the lookout for potential wedding locations, we may know of some venues in your area so just have a chat with one of the team and we can help you find the perfect spot!