Sarah and James’ wedding story

Okay, so let’s start at the beginning, how did you two meet?

Not a particularly interesting story I’m afraid, we met at school when we were just 15. I think our first valentines date was a trip to KFC before going to the cinema with my parents!

And what about the all-important proposal?

Well being together nearly 10 years, I’d been hinting to James for the past few years and was hoping it would finally be this year. We were taking James’ nephew, Billy, back home to his mum’s in Dorset and decided to have a few nights away whilst we were down there. We were on Weymouth beach with Billy, who told me he had a special present for me under his straw hat. As he went to take off his hat a little box fell out. It wasn’t a typical ring shaped box, so I didn’t have a clue what it was. As I opened the box, James asked me to marry him; I don’t even think I gave him an answer as I was still in shock! I cried all the way to Billy’s house and couldn’t stop admiring the gorgeous ring!

So you are getting married at The Saddle Rooms in Leyburn, what made you choose this venue over all the others you had seen?

After deciding we didn’t want a typical hotel wedding and then choosing the tipis, we needed to choose a venue to have them, ideally somewhere quite close to home. We looked at a few places but it was hard finding somewhere that could fit the tipis in and also have overnight accommodation for our guests. When we found the Saddle Rooms I couldn’t believe our luck. The lawn where we are going to have our tipis overlooks the countryside and I think the tipis are going to look amazing opening out to the lovely view. The Saddle room also has plenty of accommodation for our guests so that was ticked off the list too. The first time we met with Ria at the Saddle Room to discuss our plans she was really enthusiastic about the wedding and couldn’t have been more helpful. She also mentioned that we could incorporate some time in the forbidden corner on our wedding day too!

You are going for 2 tipis and a midi tipi for your wedding venue, what made you choose tipis?

When we decided to have an outdoor wedding we both knew we wouldn’t want a typical marquee. James and I have quite different tastes when it comes to style so we needed to choose a venue that would suit both of us. I’d always liked the idea of tipis since I saw them a few years ago and think they look stunning inside! They also appealed to James as he loves the outdoors and likes how we will be able to style the tipis in our own way. Tipis are just something a little bit different and extra special. We decided to add the midi tipi so we could have an area with a fire and some comfy sofas for our guests to relax in when they’re not dancing!

Charlie from Totem met us at the venue to discuss our ideas and she was so helpful and full of ideas, we knew Totem would be the perfect company to use.

You have got just under 10 months until your big day! How are you finding the wedding planning process?

It was quite stressful at first, trying to organise the guest list and picking a venue took ages, I think it took 3 attempts to finalise the date! Once we’d got the venue, church and tipis booked that’s when it all got very exciting as we finally had a date. We don’t really know what else to plan at the minute, I feel like there’s so much to do but have no idea where to get started! I think once we get to the beginning of next year, we’re going to have lots to do!

Which part of the wedding are you looking forward to the most??

Walking back down the aisle as Husband and Wife and celebrating the day that we’ll have spent over a year planning, with our family and friends! We’re also looking forward to sitting down at the end of the night and enjoying a glass of wine by the fire in the chill out tipi!